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Tulle is for tools

Not everyone may think they can pull off the tulle skirt look. But, with my amazing tips I’ll have you rocking it like it was no big deal faster than you can see I NEED IT NOW!

There is nothing more flattering than a wide, A-line skirt paired with a top tucked in. Whether you keep it long or show some skin and go for a short one, you’re going to be rocking it either way with these amazing tips!

So, before we get into it, you’re going to want to decide what style skirt you want. Check out these tulle skirt search results from Resultly to get some ideas. There’s long, there’s short, there’s high, there’s low. And then there are some in between.

The thing I love about this style, is that there are so many ways to wear it to give off the right look you want. There’s the sweet, elegant, the rocker chic, the boho casual, the classy GNO, the Sunday brunch, and that’s only the beginning. You’re options are almost limitless, I swear.

tulle skirt tulle skirt

tulle skirttulle skirt

Some key tips: notice how in each look, each image, the models top is tucked in. Aside from ms. crop top in the upper left, which is always another great way to switch things up or if you have a short crop top that you can never find much use out of!

The skirt is generally worn at the belly button. be sure not to ride it too high or keep it too low over your hip bones.

In terms of shoes, I’d always recommend a short kitten heel regardless of the length of the skirt. The tulle brings the skirt out so wide on it’s own, that a shorter heel will pull the entire look together. Such as these light pink heels with gold accents from

kitten heel


Always remember to accessorize. Less is more, don’t forget it, but there is nothing without something! A necklace, a bracelet, or even a fun fashionable hat will always pull your outfit together! There is no better way to grab the attention of that special someone than a little bling to catch you out of the corner of their eye.


So remember, tulle skirts are the perfect go-to, fashionable look for any occasion, and for any look. Dress it up, dress it down, rock it out, do whatever you gotta do! So get going and get yo’ tulle on!

Flower child alert!

Channel your inner flower child with a 70’s inspired bell sleeve dress! These super cute dresses come in all sorts of lengths and will help you achieve an etherial look. If worn correctly, a bell sleeve dress can actually look super modern. My favorite place to shop is with the Resultly app, they have a huge selection of bell sleeve dresses from hundreds of stores. Check them all out by clicking the link below.
Check out these 3 super chic ways you can style a bell sleeve dress. They will have you looking modern with a vintage inspired feel.


Bell Sleeve Dress Style 1

bell sleeve dress
A super chic way to rock a bell sleeve dress is by choosing a short style that features a huge sleeve, like the one shown above. Keep your look all in neutral tones as to not cause to much of a stir. A large floppy hat is a great accessory, especially if it is sunny out! Urban Outfitters has a good selection of hats. Click the link below to see.
Then add a gold statement necklace and some bangle bracelets To complete your look a pair of nude heels! I love the ones in the picture above. This is a perfect way to wear a bell sleeve dress for summer!


Bell Sleeve Dress Style 2

bell sleeve dress
For a winter bell sleeve dress look, pick a dress is a made of a warmer fabric, like wool.  I love how in this look she added a dark pair of tight and booties to make it this dress feel more Fall. Add a cute fur scarf and fur hat  you have the perfect  Fall look. I’m just loving how she kept her look in shades of black and brown. It looks so chic and fashion forward!


Bell Sleeve Dress Style 2

bell sleeve dress
For a more modern take on the bell sleeve dress check out this photo above! Pick a bell sleeve dress that is more fitted and has a modern vibe.  Also add trendy accessories to really make this style feel modern. I’m loving the casual, yet classy flats worn with this look.  Turban headbands are also super on trend right now, so they really amp up this look. Then just add your favorite pair of sunglasses and a clutch and you have your look.

Alright, so you convinced yet about the bell sleeve look? Remember to check the link I posted above to shop and find your perfect look!


All White Everything

There are certain closet must-haves that are essential for any look. Whether it’s an interview, a lazy night at home, or date night, here are the most important various white shirt every woman needs. Oh, one other thing, f**k Labor Day.

The button down

white shirt

This is a staple that must be in every women’s closet. Tuck it in and pair it with a belt like seen, although I’d go for a different colored belt than the color of my pants. Leave it tucked out and throw a sweater over it. To make this look a bit more edgy, pop your collar out over the neck of the sweater.


The basic tee

white shirt


This is the ultimate “never getting off the couch” comfy top for those lazy days that become nights at home eating popcorn alone. It’s lightweight and sleeveless so you can snuggle up under all the blankets you want without getting too hot and pulling the one leg in, one leg out look. The second way I’m loving this top is as the perfect casual, not trying too hard but still look cute, “hanging out” watching TV with the boy go-to top. Pair it with some skinny leggings and a long necklace and you’re golden.


The going out top

white shirt


I’m not entirely sure this one needs much explaining, but it’s sexy and chic and totally to die for. This Free People open back white top is perfect for a beautiful summer day with some short shorts as shown. Make the switch from day to night and throw on some skinny skinny jeans with a pair of heels and some arm accessories. You’ve got yourself two looks there!

Those are the three white shirts any women needs in her life. Regardless of the situation, as long as you always have your staples in tact, you will find something to wear. Whenever I’m shopping, I like to keep these three occasions in mind. Of course there are countless times that I could be in these situations, so I like to stock up on each occasion.

Take a peek at this article from Popsugar. 30 days of just you and your white tee. They’ve compiled thirty different ways to wear your white shirt, which sounds to me like it truly is the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet. Although they have 30 suggestions, I wouldn’t recommend doing this for one month straight unless you’re very good at laundry.

I hope you liked this post! All my recommendations above can be found by clicking here.

Until next time :)


Chiffon Versatility

When you hear the word chiffon your mind automatically reverts to images of sheer silk , elegant material, and something that is generally pricy. It turns out that it can be made out of silk, polyester or synthetic fibers. And, surprisingly Chiffon was derived from the French word cloth or rag. There’s you lesson for the day. :) The main reason I searched chiffon was because many of my friends have been looking for a chiffon dress all year.

No matter the season, the chiffon dress has been a popular search for women because it can be styled in so many ways. Lets start with a classic chiffon dress. What I mean by that is lest start discussing what one would expect a chiffon dress to generally look like. For me I always imagine a longer, more conservative dress that can be worn to a wedding, school function, work event…you get my point. Below is a picture of two women appearing to be ready to join a wedding as Bridesmaids. This is what image first popped into my mind when I thought of chiffon dresses:


As you can see these dresses are very elegant and perfect for a Wedding or Ball.  As far as the fabric, notice how the chiffon naturally puckers out in both directions, which is a result of the sowing that stems from the waist of these dresses.

Although this is the classic way I would imagine chiffon to be used in a dress, I like the less formal dresses made of chiffon. Chiffon is a naturally stretchy material, so it is fabulous for an everyday summer dress. One of my favorite new styles is the Bohemian style.  Take a look at this Free People Dress I found below:



This dress folds in a similar way as the Bridesmaid dresses do above. However, this dress is for a completely different occasion.  One of my favorite go-to outfits in the summer are dresses, dresses, and more dresses. Girls always complain about pants beings so uncomfortable so they jump straight to the leggings. But, please please be careful when you wear leggins, as they can either make a cute outfit or completely destroy it (especially if the leggings are see-through and paired with a crop-top). My point is that if girls are so concerned about being cute and comfortable why don’t we wear more dresses! I love how Free People designs their styles as very laid back yet feminine and cute. Here’s another example of a chiffon dress by Free People that I love:


This Chiffon wrap dress look so lightweight and 10x more comfortable than those overused leggings.

As much as I love dresses they have been difficult for me to figure out in the cold seasons. What kind of pantyhose do you pair your dress with? Can I wear this dress with boots? And don’t get me wrong, I’m always scared to wear dresses in the winter even with pantyhose because of the horrible bi-polar Chicago weather. I found some great chiffon dresses for the winter on Resultly. The site was great for giving me a variety of dresses perfect for the winter.  Just be sure to plan what you’ll pair your dress with for the winter ahead of time or you very well might freeze out there in your little chiffon dress!

Minty Fresh To Death

Mk maybe not fresh to death, but my mint is on point this season. I recently went shopping and may have gone a bit crazy in the mint department, including the toothpaste isle, but one this is for sure, mint is in! I’ve included my favorite mint products that i’ve bought so far this season. From my new mint shoes to headband, it is such a versatile statement, accessory and color that it is anyones must have item! Continue reading and you’ll see why mint is something you can wear year round, making it anyone’s newest staple.

Vintage Mint Frame


This picture frame from Etsy gives the perfect vintage, rustic look for my living room. It’s a great accent color that blends smoothly with gold, white, silver, black, gray, yellow, light pink, brown, tan and almost any other main colors you’re got.


Mint Shoes

mint shoes

Found these lovely little numbers on Resultly. I love them because they can be worn for so many different occasions! They’re short booties so they’ll work for almost any season besides winter. In the summer pair them with a cute summer dress. In the fall rock ‘em with some skinny jeans tucked in, and in the spring you can wear them with just about anything. I definitely plan to do a boyfriend jean cuffed up above the top for those breezy days.


Mint Headband

mint headband

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf on this one ladies because this mint headband from Asos is almost as flawless as she is. This piece adds a little extra excitement when you want your hair simply off your face or rock it with a pony tail! This will add serious dimension to your face and highlight your cheeks just as much as contouring will. It doesn’t get any better than that does it?

These are my top three favorite mint flavored products thus far. Keep tuned as I’m sure my mint collection will always continue to expand. As you can see there are so many various shades of mint as well, dare you pair two pieces in one outfit? The mint shoes with the headband could make for a bold, unique statement. I believe if you keep it decently basic with your top and bottom you could pull it off. I’d recommend a black vest of some sort with a white tank top underneath and medium wash skinny jeans tucked in. This will pull together your entire look without over doing the mint. Each piece is subtle and at the opposite ends, just be sure you don’t go crazy and add any shades of green jewelry!


Sunflower inspiration

I’m all about those sun flowers right now. I recently stumbled upon this photo and am getting so much inspiration from this sunflower dress look.

sunflower dress

This picture is from a blog post on from 2010, so I doubt that al of the items she is wearing are still available.  So, I’ve made it my mission to find all the times to get this look. I just love the how the thigh high sock look with the sunflower dress. It is such a great 90’s inspired look, but it still looks modern and fresh.


Sunflower dress

The first step to re-creating this look is to find a short sunflower dress. I used this great All I had to do was type in “sunflower dress” and I was given a ton dresses form hundreds of stores!
sunflower dress
I really like this sunflower dress from Nasty Gal and it is super similar to the on pictured above. They both have T-shirt selves and are super short. However, you can totally switch it up and go for a spaghetti strap sunflower dress, or even rock a sunflower romper. It really is up to you and what you are comfortable in.


Thigh high socks

thigh high socks
American Apparel has a huge selection of thigh high socks. You can try paling around with black, dark green, and even gray socks. However, I would tick with a dark color. You can even get sheer thigh high socks. Really try to make this look your own. Try out out knee high socks too! Depending on where you live and what season it is, wool thigh high socks are a must if it is cooler out, while if you live in a warmer area then try a sexy sheer style.


Black wedge booties

Then all you need to finish your look is a pair of black wedge booties, which you probably already have in your closet. I got mine from Charlotte Russe. If you try to experiment with a lighter color sock, then also wear a lighter color shoe.


Well there you have it. This is how to recreate that look that I’m obsessed with! Another reason I love this look is because there are so many ways you can wear that sunflower dress. It perfect for summer. Whether you wear it to he beach or out shopping. You can also make a short sunflower dress translate to your fall wardrobe by adding Fall items like we did with those socks and booties.